Shop our selection of highly accurate and simple to use benchtop meters. Hanna's benchtop meters boast an excellent value due to their comprehensive range of features and affordability.

HI 5221-02 Professional benchtop pH meter

Professional benchtop pH meter with 5.5" color LCD

R 17,784.00 *

HI 2002-02 edge - pH/ORP meter with CAL Check

edge® measures pH or ORP through its unique digital...

R 8,806.00 *

HI 2211-02 Basic pH / ORP / °C Meter /...

HI2211 pH meter bench, auto ranging, 2-point calibration,...

R 10,548.00 *

HI 2020-02 edge™ - pH Meter

Hanna Instruments is proud to introduce the world’s most...

R 10,033.00 *

HI2202-02 - edge® blu Bluetooth® Smart pH...

Free yourself from wires when performing pH measurements....

R 15,086.00 *