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HI180B-2	Compact Magnetic Mini-Stirrers
HI180B-2 Compact Magnetic Mini-Stirrers
HI180 are a family of lightweight and inexpensive magnetic mini-stirrers. The stirrers are compact and easy to handle, requiring very little space. HI180 mini-stirrers are available in 11 colors, allowing easy recognition on crowded...
R 2,569.00 *
HI 190M-2  Mini Magnetic Stirrer with Speedsafe
HI 190M-2 Mini Magnetic Stirrer with Speedsafe
The magnetic stirrer HI 190M-2 is compact, lightweight and space saving. It is characterized by its robust cover made ??of ABS plastic.
R 2,428.00 *
HI200M-2 Stainless Steel Cover Magnetic Mini-Stirrer
HI200M-2 Stainless Steel Cover Magnetic...
HI200M-2 is a rugged magnetic stirrer with a cover made ??of AISI 316 stainless steel. He has a high stirring volume of 1 L, and therefore is perfect in laboratory and industry.
R 4,538.00 *