HANNA's comprehensive line of Conductivity and TDS meters offer dedicated single parameter instruments, as well as multiparameter instruments that support up to eight parameters including salinity and resistivity.

What is EC?

Electrical Conductivity (EC) is defined by the ability of a solution to conduct an electrical current.

What is TDS?

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is defined as the amount of solids dissolved in a solution.

How does an EC/TDS meter work?

Two electrodes with an applied AC voltage are placed in the solution. This creates a current dependent upon the conductive nature of the solution. The meter reads this current and displays in either conductivity (EC) or ppm (TDS).

How is TDS measured?

By means of a conductivity meter. The conductivity is measured and the TDS is calculated by a fixed mathematical formula in the meter.

What is the difference between microSiemens and milliSiemens?

Both are units of conductivity. 1000 microSiemens (µS) = 1 milliSiemen (mS).

If I have a TDS meter with a 0.5 conversion factor how do I convert to the correct 0.7 value?

Multiply by 1.4; ex: 500 x 1.4 = 700.

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HI 5321-02 Research Grade EC / TDS /...

Research Grade EC / TDS / Salinity / Resistivity Meter...

R 21,586.00 *

HI 2003-02 edge - Conductivity / TDS /...

DESCRIPTION Hanna Instruments is proud to introduce the...

R 13,712.00 *

HI98192 Waterproof Portable...

The HI98192 is a rugged, portable...

R 15,086.00 *

HI7031L/C 1413 µS/cm EC Solution, 500 mL Bottle

HI7031L/C is a premium quality 1,413 µS/cm conductivity...

R 514.00 *

HI981404N-02 pH & TDS Continuous Indicator

pH/TDS combination Gro'check with large LCD

R 3,947.00 *

HI 22091-02 pH/mV Meter with Manual...

The HI 22091 pH/mV Meter with Manual Temperature...

R 9,567.00 *

HI8033 uS/mS/TDS Meter (Basic)

Multi-range hand-TDS meter probe incl HI 76301D, DIN...

R 7,236.00 *

HI 2030-02 edge™ - Conductivity...

edge measures pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen...

R 14,939.00 *

HI 2315-02 Bench-Top Conductivity Meter

Conductivity Meter with HI 76300 probe

R 9,444.00 *

HI 2300-02 EC/TDS/NaCl/°C Meter - Autorange

Auto-ranging HI 2300 EC, TDS, NaCl, Temperature Meter....

R 11,259.00 *

HI98301 DiST 1 Waterproof TDS Tester (0-2000...

DiST®1 - TDS-Tester (1999 mg/L)

R 1,202.00 *

HI983307-02 EC Monitor up to 9.99 mS with...

HI 983307 - PRONTO EC Monitor Alarm TDS

R 1,938.00 *

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