Depending on the requirements of the application, users may need to measure only pH or a group of parameters such as pH, ORP and temperature.

How do I store my pH/ORP electrode?

To minimize clogging and ensure a quick response time, the tip and the junction should be kept moist. Replace protective cap with a few drops of a Storage Solution HI 70300M), or in its absence, pH 4 buffer (HI 7004M).NEVER STORE THE ELECTRODE IN DISTILLED OR DEIONIZED WATER.


How to do I maintain and clean my pH/ORP electrode?

Rinse the electrode with clean water after use before putting it away and store it wet. Periodically clean the electrode thoroughly, by leaving it soaking for 10 to 15 minutes in a cleaning solution (HI 7061M).The surface of the platinum electrode must be clean and smooth. To clean the ORP electrode, rinse it briefly in turpentine, then wash it with abundant water and polish it with a light abrasive lint-free (emery) material, if necessary. The surface of the platinum electrode must not be scratched in the process and all traces of these cleaning substances must be rinsed off.

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