A wide range of BlackStone pumps with different dosing capacities are available for your specific dosing needs. Each pump is supplied with discharge and suction valves.

How rugged are your dosing pumps?

Our dosing pumps are completely sealed during assembly and offer IP65 protection against splashes and spills providing excellent protection even in hostile environments. The fiber-reinforced polypropylene housing stands up to aggressive chemicals while offering superiro strength under tough industrial conditions.

What is the max output on your dosing pumps?

Our maxmium output is 18.3 lph (4.8 gph), which is our BL20 dosing pump.

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HI 721107 Pump Head with small diaphragm &...

HI 721107 Pump Head with small diaphragm & Aluminium...

R 2,616.00 *

HI 721106 Blackstone Pump Head Assembly

Pump head assembly for Blackstone series dosing pumps

R 2,616.00 *

HI 721102 Discharge valve assembly

Discharge valve assembly This kit contains all the...

R 911.00 *

HI 721101 Pump head, O-ring, screws (6 pcs)...

Pump head, O-ring, screws (6 pcs) and washers (6 pcs)....

R 2,404.00 *

HI 721008 Ceramic weight

Ceramic weight This kit contains four ceramic weights....

R 841.00 *

HI 721006 Springs for BL Pumps

Springs for BL Pumps This kit contains four PVDF...

R 1,425.00 *

HI 721005 Foot Valve Assembly

Foot valve assembly This kit contains a filter with a...

R 724.00 *

HI 721004 Injection Valve Assembly

Injection valve assembly. Complete with an injection...

R 794.00 *

HI 721003 Glass Ball with O-ring

Glass ball with O-ring This kit contains 10 glass balls...

R 794.00 *

HI 720032 Hose, 100 m (333')

LDPE hose, 100 m (333'). LDPE hose to be used with BL...

R 3,483.00 *

HI 720031 Hose, 50 m (165')

LDPE hose, 50 m (165'). LDPE hose to be used with BL...

R 2,061.00 *

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