Chemical Test Kits

HANNA test kits present a simple way to perform an accurate chemical analysis. The wide variety of single and multi parameter test kits include colorimetric, checker disc, titration and turbidimetric methods.

Are chemical test kits more accurate then meters?

No, in most cases you will achieve better results with a meter then a test kit because most chemical test kits are subjective.

Can I use reagents from other test kits with my test kit?

No; drop size, concentration and color variation will provide inaccurate results. Only use the reagents made by the manufacturer of your test kit.

How long do my reagents last?

Typically one season. Reagents lose their strength over time and can also be ruined by direct sunlight and temperature extremes. Replace your reagents annually. Reagents (or test strips) that give suspect readings should be looked at suspicously.

What type of test kit do I need?

There are many different types of test kits commercially available. If you are concerned about accuracy, (and you should be) you will want to spend more for a nice kit.

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HI3897 Olive Oil Acidity Test Kit

The HI3897 Olive Oil Acidity Test Kit is a user-friendly...

R 4,008.00 *

HI3846 Chromium Test Kit

Chromium salts are widely used in industrial processes,...

R 1,053.00 *

HI3843 Hypochlorite Chemical Test Kit

The HI3843 is a chemical test kit that measures...

R 1,901.00 *

HI 3842 Hardness High Range Test Kit

Water hardness has traditionally been defined as the...

R 199.00 *

HI3829F-050 Free Chlorine Test Kit...

Reagents for HI3829F (50 tests)

R 347.00 *

HI3874-100 Reagent Kit HI 3874-100 Nitrate...

HI 3874-100 Nitrate (NO 3 - -N) Nitrate (NO 3 - -N)...

R 677.00 *

HI3850 Ascorbic Acid Test Kit

Ascorbic acid (C 6 H 8 O 6 ) undergoes an oxidation...

R 1,833.00 *

HI 3841-S HI 3841 Hardness Medium Range Test...

Water hardness has traditionally been defined as the...

R 911.00 *

HI3818-100 HI 3818-100 Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

HI 3818-100 Carbon Dioxide (CO 2 ) Carbon dioxide reagent...

R 543.00 *

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