HI5148B Silver Billet Combination Electrode for Halide Titration

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  • HI5148B
Description: HI5148B is a combination silver billet electrode used in the potentiometric... more
Product information "HI5148B Silver Billet Combination Electrode for Halide Titration"

Description: HI5148B is a combination silver billet electrode used in the potentiometric titration of halides including chloride, bromide and iodide by detecting excess silver from a silver nitrate precipitation reaction. This electrode features a Clogging Prevention System (CPS) Technology that allows for a polyethylene sleeve to be moved in order to clean the ground glass surface that can become clogged by samples with a high solids content such as with food products.

  • Silver billet tip for reaction with halides to generate mV potential during a potentiometric titration
  • CPS Technology with movable PE sleeve and ground glass junction
  • Refillable double junction combination electrode for choice of fill solutions based on analysis

The measurement of salt is very common in the food industry. With potentiometric sensors this is

either done directly with a sensor that measures sodium or indirectly by a sensor that detects the

excess of silver from a silver nitrate argentometric titration of chloride. In a argentometric titration,


the silver nitrate reacts with sodium chloride to form a silver chloride precipitate. When all of the chloride has been precipitated then silver ions will be in excess and will be detected by the sensor

(see Figure 1). Since the sensor is detecting chloride, instead of sodium, the titration is an indirect

method of measuring sodium. This method assumes that all chloride is from sodium chloride.

Other halide titrations include chloride in brine solutions, wastewater, fertilizer and concrete due to

the corrosive effect on iron rebar that is used for support.

There are two types of sensors available for performing a chloride titration with silver nitrate. The

first type includes solid-state sensors, such as silver or chloride ion selective electrodes (ISEs), and

the second are metal electrodes, such as the silver billet electrode. ISEs are expensive and can be

problematic if left in solution for a long time due to the softening of the compressed sensing pellet.

The silver billet is economical and does not soften with extended periods of time in solutions making

it ideal for high throughput sampling.


  • Silver Billet Combination Electrode
  • Single probe with both reference and indicating sensors
  • Robust silver rod that will not soften when placed in solutions for extended periods of time
  • Polyethylene (PE) Movable Sleeve
  • Clogging resistant material repels solids
  • Movable sleeve allows for cleaning of the ground glass surface junction
  • High flow rate of electrolyte ideal for solutions low in concentration
  • Double Junction Refillable
  • Choice of fill solution based on method of analysis
  • Solution can be exchanged if contaminated



Chloride titrations in food, wastewater, concrete and brine solutions.


HI5148B supplied with quality certificate


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