HI9810-6 Portable pH/EC/TDS Meter

HI9810-6 Portable pH/EC/TDS Meter
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  • HI9810-6
The HI9810-6 is an economical, wateproof, portable meter that measures pH, conductivity (EC),... more
Product information "HI9810-6 Portable pH/EC/TDS Meter"
The HI9810-6 is an economical, wateproof, portable meter that measures pH, conductivity (EC), and total dissolved solids (TDS) with a single probe. The meter operation is simplified with dedicated buttons for measurement modes to be be displayed on the LCD and knobs for single point calibration of pH and EC/TDS. The HI9810-6 is most suitable for agricultural, greenhouse and hydroponic applications.
  • 3-in-1 combination probe with pH, EC/TDS, and temperature sensors
  • CaAL Check feature to easily check the probe calibration status at any time.
  • Best for hydroponics, greenhouses, farming and ground water applications.







The HI9810-6 portable meter features a large LCD which displays either pH, EC, TDS or temperature readings along with tutorial instructions. The HI9810-6 is a simplistic pH/EC/TDS meter that is calibrated manually to a single point with the use of two trimmers. pH is calibrated to pH 7.01 while EC/TDS is calibrated to either 1.41 mS/cm (1413 µS/cm) or 1500 ppm. The LCD screen has battery life indicator as well as on-screen tutorial messages.

The supplied HI1285-5 probe is a polypropylene body, amplified pH electrode with a built-in EC/TDS and temperature sensors. The amplifier for the pH electrode prevents interference from humidity and electrical noise from common sources including from motors, ballasts or pumps. The HI9810-6 is a versatile meter best suited for agricultural, greenhouse and hydroponic applications.

HI1285-6 pH/EC/TDS Mulltiprameter Probe with CAL Check

The HI9810-6 is supplied with a polypropylene body pH/EC/TDS/temperature probe. The pH portion of this probe is constructed with a cloth junction, maintenance-free polymer gel electrolyte, and a low-temperature glass sensing bulb. The EC/TDS portion of this probe utilizes two stainless steel pins for an amperometric determination of conductivity and total dissolved solids. A built-in temperature sensor ensures that both pH and EC/TDS readings are compensated for temperature variations in both standards and samples.

  • Pre-Amplified pH Electrode: The pH electrode circuit has a built-in amplifier that serves to reduce the effects of electrical noise on the high impedance pH measurement. Electrical noise can come from motors and pumps that are common in greenhouses. The single reference junction design of the pH electrode has a cloth junction that allows ion movement between the inner gel electrolyte and the sample being measured. The advantage of the cloth junction is that it can be extracted from the probe, exposing a fresh surface when readings become drifty or erratic. These features make this probe ideal for use in fertilizer solutions.
  • Amperometric EC/TDS Sensor: EC/TDS readings are performed by a two-pin amperometric sensor. An alternating voltage is applied to the sensor and the amount of current that passes between the two stainless steel pins determines the amount of dissolved ionic solids present.
  • Polypropylene Body: The polypropylene body of the HI1285-6 houses all three sensors within a sturdy, single body design. This body material is suitable for a wide range of applications and excels in measurements with portable meters due to its durability. The fins around the spherical glass pH bulb minimizes breakage due to accidental bumping or dropping of the electrode. The polypropylene plastic is a high-quality plastic that is chemically resistant to many aggressive chemicals.

Features at-a-glance

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation - EC and TDS readings are compensated for variations in temperature
  • Set EC to TDS conversion factor - EC to TDS conversion factor set at 0.5 so no need for additional calculations
  • Low Battery Indicator


pH Range 0 to 14 pH
pH Resolution 0.1 pH
pH Accuracy ±0.1 pH
pH Calibration Manual 1 point through offset trimmer


EC Range 0 to 6000 µS/cm
EC Resolution 10 µS/cm
EC Accuracy ±2% F.S.
EC Calibration manual, one-point
TDS Range 0 to 3000 mg/L
TDS Resolution 10 mg/L
TDS Accuracy ±2% F.S.
EC/TDS Temperature Compensation automatic, 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F) Compensation with a ß of 2%/°C
Temperature Correction Coefficient ? = 2% /°C
EC to TDS Conversion Factor 1 µS/cm = 0.5 mg/L

General Meter

EC/TDS Probe HI1285 combination, amplified, double-junction, gel pH electrode with incorporated EC/TDS probe and built-in temperature sensor and 1m (3.3') cable
Battery Type / Life 9V / approximately 150 hours of continuous use
Environment 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); max 95% RH non-condensing
Dimensions 185 x 82 x 45 mm (7.3 x 3.2 x 1.8")
Weight 520 g (1.1 lb.)
Ordering Information HI9810-6 is supplied with HI1285-6, pH/EC/TDS/°C combination probe with Cal-Check and 8 pin DIN connector and 1 m (3.3') cable, HI70007 (1), HI 70031 (1), HI70032 (1), HI700661 (2), HI50021 check solution sachet (2), Instruction manual and 9V alkaline battery (1).
Warranty 2 years (probe 6 months)


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